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The challenge

Hershey Harvest has been known locally for quite some time, but has recently expanded their customer base to out-of-state customers. With unmatched, high-quality healthy food, customers have traveled hours just to purchase meals for their families. With such an incredible product, owner Bob Hershey decided it was time to expand their customer reach through a new website.

With little existing content and online direction, we had to gain a full understanding of the mostly local business and translate the benefits to a wider audience for the first time. We were glad to rise to the occasion.

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The Solution

By working closely with the owner, and experiencing the delicious meals ourselves, we determined what out-of-state customers were visiting for. Hershey Harvest offers rare products like A2 milk and features their Harvest beef and deli, Hannah’s hens, and meal variety. This let us develop an updated brand identity emphasizing both unparalleled quality and health in their homemade meals.

This let us develop an updated brand identity emphasizing both unparalleled quality and health in their homemade meals.


By focusing on their high-quality foods and touch of local flair, we showcased what customers already loved about Hershey Harvest in a groundbreaking way. We developed their brand mission, which is to compliment people’s good taste and provide fresh, healthy meals. We took care to feature their location (Lancaster County, PA) in such a way to ensure customer expansion beyond just the local area. We completed our branding work by highlighting these previously under-emphasized qualities: zero GMOs, zero hormones, and zero chemicals.

It’s been a delight to work with Rise. I’m continually impressed by their knowledge, integrity and ability to drive profits up.
Robert Hershey Owner, Hershey Harvest


We built Hershey Harvest’s website to be clean and fast-loading on all devices. To incorporate storytelling into the design, we emphasized their food and the values behind it. Our information architecture plan included over 200 SEO’d pages neatly tucked away into a clean navigational structure. To help visitors quickly find the dishes and meals Hershey Harvest is famous for, we developed an easily navigable food menu.

We also highlighted their branded features and communicated their mission clearly. Finally, we hooked custom contact and email sign-up forms into MailChimp, ensuring direct communication with each customer for the long term.

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