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The challenge

American Relay Controls (ARC) has developed a product that enables vehicle enthusiasts—whether automobile, boat, or even air—to more easily manage their electronics systems. When they first came to us, ARC was nothing more than a prototype. We worked closely together with ARC to brand their company, support their product, and enable online sales of their product line. Working with a product that not everyone immediately understands and amid a wide array of ideas, we helped build ARC from the ground up, which we were happy to do.

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Our Approach

Since no other product like ARC’s relay controls existed on the market before, we had to design a visual identity that spoke to vehicle enthusiasts and companies for which the product was made, while still communicating its benefits clearly. Since we were tasked with branding and designing product cover plates, sales materials, and the online shop, we were able to ensure a consistent, branded experience at every touchpoint in the customer’s journey.

We had very specific requirements for our website and Rise was able to meet them all through their innovative and custom-tailored solutions.
Nathan Keller Co-Owner, American Relay Controls

Branding and Materials

We chose a sleek, dark color scheme and logotype to emphasize the innovative and technologically advanced aspects of the products.

Once brand elements were decided, we proceeded to translate these into relay switch cover plates to ensure that the product itself adhered to the desired brand experience. Finally, we designed a website and sales materials like brochures and business cards to tie everything together. The end result is a consistent, branded experience at every touchpoint in the customer’s journey.

Rise was able to design a sleek brand and website that communicates the benefits of our products effectively.
Ron Wunsch Co-Owner, American Relay Controls

Shop Website

The ARC website itself is something we’re very proud of. Built from the ground up on the WordPress/WooCommerce platform, we were given free rein to design and develop as we saw fit. With such a blank canvas to use, we determined the best information architecture to arrange their products in the way that made most sense for their unique product line.

To fit the branding, we went for an ultra-modern and minimal approach, including few navigation items and displaying only content that users have indicated they’re looking for. To emphasize the ease of using ARC products, we’ve implemented seamless page transitions, ensuring that a user’s entire visit feels connected.

Once users have determined which product they’re interested in, they find themselves on a product page that allows them to customize their product colors and labels in an intuitive way not offered by any out-of-the-box shop platform. From there, they’re able to purchase their desired product in a frictionless checkout process ensuring maximum conversions.

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