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The challenge

Home Care Assistance (HCA) was looking to increase traffic and leads to their website as well as attract a customer with a higher lifetime value than they were currently seeing. After working with Rise for two years, HCA engaged Rise to redesign their website because they saw us as a trusted, integrated digital partner and cohesive member of their greater marketing team. And because we are a development and digital-marketing agency, we were uniquely positioned to resolve any challenge or issue that Home Care Assistance would encounter.


more website traffic


new customers

In under 12 months
Performance Increases

faster mobile load times


faster desktop load times

As per PageSpeed Insights
Organic Growth

increase in website clicks


increase in search impressions

As per Search Engine Console

Website redesign

Home Care Assistance's website.

When Rise was tasked with creating a new website for Home Care Assistance, we built it from the ground up, improving the company’s server infrastructure with a mobile-first approach. This led to a 62% increase in mobile website speed and a 26% increase in desktop website speed.

The new layout improvised the user experience and focused the website visitor’s attention on HCA’s major call to action (CTAs), thus driving a 30% increase in high-value customer leads.

By fixing crawling issues and enhancing website content and keywords, we increased website click by 61% and increased search impressions by 63%.

Since the website launched in the fall of 2019, we have continued to improve the website design and user experience through A/B testing, data analytics and insights, organic SEO landing pages (a proprietary tool for multi-unit/location companies). These combined efforts have continued to increase website traffic, conversions and time spent on the site as well as decrease bounce rate and unqualified prospect leads.

Rise and HCA: Partnering for Success

Since 2017, Rise has operated as a fully integrated extension of Home Care Assistance’s marketing team, which allowed them to devise marketing solutions in real-time, regardless of the complexity of the problem, as well as deliver results faster and more efficiently. To this day, the Rise team continues to be a trusted partner and expert in all things digital, working on everything from websites for new company products and B2B marketing campaigns to domain acquisitions, SEM landing pages, cross-platform integrations, company-wide Intranet development and maintenance and so much more.

A Partnership Built on Trust that Continues to Drive Value in all Aspects of Digital Marketing

Our approach

Google Maps API and Distance Matrix API Integration

Google logo.

The new website vastly improved the user-experience in terms of finding nearby locations by integrating with the Google Maps API and Distance Matrix API. This allows the website visitor to search for their location based on the zip code, city, or state. Based on this search, the map will plot each relevant location down to the coordinates. Each pin on the map can be clicked, which will automatically show more details such as the address, phone number, how many miles away the location is, and a button to get directions.

Localized Content to Increase Customer Lead Conversions

Each Home Care Assistance location has its own customizable content structure and automatically pulls in relevant data for that specific store such as address and phone number. The pages are designed to convert visitors to leads as quickly as possible and routes all form submissions to the appropriate email distribution list. Phone numbers for Google Call Tracking are also updated to reflect the current location.

Easy-to-Use Custom Content Management System

CraftCMS logo.

It was important to give the HCA team a way to manage site content themselves and not rely on our team to make basic content edits. The content on HCA’s old website was hard-coded into the templates, which didn’t give them much control on a day-to-day basis. Now each page comes with a “page builder” allowing the internal marketing team the ability to make copy edits and rearrange and disable sections entirely.

Seamless CRM Integration

Forms are seamlessly integrated into HCA’s Salesforce CRM. The team can easily create new campaigns and route form submissions to the appropriate list and continue marketing to the lead.

About Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance (HCA) is America’s largest premium home care provider where consumer service meets the evolving needs of the aging population. Ranked by Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazines as one of America’s fastest growing companies, HCA is recognized for its precision wellness and cognitive health platform and integrated partnerships with premier healthcare organizations. HCA is the official caregiving partner of Maria Shriver’s Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and producer of an award-winning healthy longevity book series. As champions of aging well, the company combines high-touch care, technology and data analytics to enable happier, healthier aging at home—where the majority of older adults want to live out their best years. Based in San Francisco, CA, the company has more than 200 locations and 10,000 employees in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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