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Want a technical SEO company that ensures your website is always compatible with all of the major search engines?

All search engines need to be able to crawl your website efficiently to index your content and rank it for your keyword searches. Failure to do so means disaster for your search rankings. While on- and off-page SEO are just as crucial, technical SEO ensures that search engines are always able to crawl, cache and index all of your pages.

Getting technical SEO right is critical because of various factors like Google’s constant algorithm changes and the increasing sophistication of websites. This means you have to constantly be on top of the latest developments in SEO. At Rise, our SEO architects continually learn and keep up with the latest SEO advancements, ensuring your website sends the proper signals to search engines for ranking content.

Why Rise Is the Top Technical SEO Company

Maximizing Your Crawl Budget

Crawl budget is how many of your website’s pages a search engine is able to crawl at any given time. Research indicates that more backlinks to a page increases its crawl budget—which has an overall, positive impact on search rankings. Our SEO experts optimize your crawl budget by ensuing your sitemap is current, fixing broken links, eliminating duplicate pages, and disallowing low-value pages from being indexed.

Page Speed Improvements

Google itself has confirmed that speed is a major ranking factor for your website. The faster your website, the stronger its ranking signal will be. Our SEO technicians are fully aware of this, which is why we use the most sophisticated tools to constantly test and improve the speed of your website for greater ranking prowess.

Everything Is Crawlable

A big mistake in technical SEO is only ensuring that a website’s pages can be crawled by search engines, but this isn’t good enough for high rankings. At Rise, our SEO engineers go the extra mile, taking care to make sure that all of your resources are crawlable. This includes your JavaScript and CSS, for better ranking power.

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