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Search engines such as Google change their algorithms continuously. This can disrupt the optimization strategy that once helped a business achieve high rankings in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Therefore, strategy updates are necessary to keep ranking higher and maintain organic traffic.

Ensuring good local SEO ranking is critical for the success of any business. It is essential to work smart and leverage tools like Local Ranking to achieve your goals. When searching for a specific product or service, users are likelier to choose a business nearby. People usually search for queries like “best pizza near me.” Therefore, ranking higher in local searches is very important for every business, as it helps improve visibility.

Ranking higher in local search results requires strategy. Here are some easy actions you can implement to improve your local ranking.

Focus On Your Google My Business Profile

Creating a compelling profile for your google business listing can help you rank higher in SERPs. This profile is likely the first interaction someone will have with you, so making a good impression is vital. Provide the most relevant information distinguishing you from other businesses and smart keywords that will increase organic traffic.

Some things to keep in mind when creating your profile:

  • Create a clear title. Your business name and the product or service should be evident to the user.
  • Provide all necessary information. Include your name, address, phone number and other relevant contacts, such as social media handles and account names.
  • Choose the appropriate category. An aptly labeled business will stand a better chance of landing interested customers.

Improve Your Website Content

The content on your website should be search engine optimized. By using SEO strategies, you can improve the quality of the content on your webpage and thus improve your chances of getting noticed by search engines.

To improve the quality of your website content:

  • Choose keywords wisely. Publish optimized content using specific keywords that a potential customer might use to search for a business like yours.
  • Find keywords that are highly effective and low competition. Low-competition keywords can give you an edge by targeting topics that are relevant to your audience, with fewer sites vying for the same organic traffic.
  • Add value with your content. Try to provide the most relevant information on your homepage to help answer customer queries.

Get Reviews

Reviews can instantly improve your ranking on result pages. There are three types of reviews concerning businesses. These are:

  • Google - Google reviews are a way for users to review, rate, and share their opinions with other users. They’re accessible on the Google search results page, allowing users to easily find businesses they’re looking for and learn more about their services.
  • Third-party - Third-party reviews are the reviews left by customers on third-party websites such as Yelp. These reviews can help you build trust with your audience, increasing the credibility of your business. When potential customers see that other people have already purchased from you and had a positive experience, they’re more likely to feel confident that it’s safe for them to do so as well.
  • First-party reviews on your website - First-party reviews are one of the most essential tools for marketing your business online. They can help you increase your conversion rate, build trust and credibility with new customers, and provide valuable product and customer information that enables you to improve your offering.

Reviews are a critical part of your business. Not only is it an excellent way to build your reputation online and establish trust with potential new customers, but reviews also serve as user-generated content, which google considers a ranking factor. Try scoring reviews in each area to improve your ranking.

Invest In Link-Building

A website’s ranking on the search result pages is also determined by how many links it has pointing at it from other sites. When your website is linked to other websites with higher domain authority and public credibility, your site ranking will improve automatically.

You must have inbound links from websites with high domain authority to improve your website’s search engine ranking. These sites will have more trust and authority than your competitors, which means they will have more weight when Google determines the value of your content.

Register With Local Directories

Registering your business to the local directories can help you improve your ranking locally. Online directories are a great way to tell search engines like Google that you exist. It enables you to define the category of business that you belong to, refining your search results.

Online directories ask for a business name, address and contact information. By providing precise information, you can easily improve your chances of being seen in the local search results whenever someone wants something you offer. It also enhances the credibility of your business.

Ask Locals For Social Mentions

Another factor influencing your brand’s visibility in local search results is your mentions on various social media accounts. The more popular you are on social media, the better your chances of landing higher on search engines.

Ask your valued customers to mention you on their accounts. You can encourage this social engagement by offering irresistible deals or initiating something trending on social media. The more you are involved in social media trends, the better your visibility will be all around the internet. Ensure your social media presence is highly active and relevant to the market trends.


Good online marketing is essential in today’s competitive business landscape. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract customers and grow your business without a strong presence on the web. Moreover, with so much of the public looking online for products and services before they buy, how you’re represented online is vital to your success.

Thriving local SEO requires more than just jazzing up your local business listing. Ultimately, it will take time, dedication and a strong understanding of local search to make the big leap forward for your business. But with the right strategy, you are well on your way to finding long-term success in the world of local search.

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Harry Wilson
Guest Contributor

Harry Wilson is the Head of Digital Marketing Department at Globex Outreach. He helps clients grow their online businesses and occasionally writes blogs to share his experience with other professionals.

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