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Looking for a school marketing agency to raise your enrollment and give you greater revenue and positive ROI?

Schools are always faced with the challenge of raising enrollment on a year-to-year basis. So many factors can influence yearly enrollment rates, everything from your competition to how you set your tuition. It’s not enough to sit back and hope your student body will return to you, year after year. You need to take proactive, marketing action.

A strong school marketing campaign will make the difference between stagnant or dropping admission rates and a healthy, growing student body. Take charge of your institution’s fortunes by attracting more enrollees to you instead of just waiting for it to happen. Dedicated marketing efforts mean continually growing admissions.

Why Rise Is the Top School Marketing Agency

We Know Where Your Prospects Are

One feature that sets us apart from other school marketing agencies is that we know where to find your prospects. Your future students live on the web, whether that’s in apps and websites or on various social-media platforms. We go into those environments, find your prospects, and make them aware about why your school is the perfect fit for them.

Building Bridges

Enrollment depends on more than just getting the same students to come back every year. It depends heavily on how successfully you’re able to reach out to new constituencies. At Rise, our school-marketing specialists understand the ins and outs of connecting with new demographics and raising interest and engagement among alumni and their contacts. The end result is an influx of new faces, admissions, volunteers and revenue for your school.

Your Unique Value Proposition

Your institution is more than just a school. It’s a unique brand that offers something of high value in the educational realm that all your competitors don’t. That’s what we focus on. Our school-marketing professionals go to great lengths to emphasize what you do better than all the other schools in your community…and why new students and parents need to consider you ahead of anyone else.

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With well-managed school-marketing campaigns, your institution’s growth and reach can be unparalleled. Talk to us today to discover how we can boost interest in and support for your school.

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