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Want a college marketing agency that can build your brand with college students by connecting with them in a way that matters?

College students command a significant amount of spending power per year, with some estimates citing tens of billions of dollars. You want that kind of spending power directed toward your brand. At Rise, we empower your business to get more revenue and a higher ROI by successfully reaching out to college students by going where they are.

Whether it’s reaching out directly to college students or finding them online, we have you covered. College kids are in the formative years of their lives, and they appreciate brands that engage with them in memorable ways. At Rise, we believe that you shouldn’t just connect with college students—your brand should own the campus.

Why Rise Is a Top-Notch College Marketing Agency

Campus Ambassador Campaigns

Nothing beats experiential marketing when it comes to college students. They get to see, taste, touch and interact with your brand on campus. To make this a reality, our college marketing specialists work with students directly to create college rep programs where students themselves…are telling their peers that there’s nothing hotter than your brand.

Online Strategies

College kids live on the web these days, whether it’s in apps, on social, or on websites. That’s why our college marketing professionals reach out to your leads where they hang out: on the Internet. We run contests on social, use PPC to put your brand in front of all of their screens, and engage with them through the power of email marketing.

Exclusive Relationships With Colleges

College marketing is going to be difficult without strong access to colleges and universities. To get around that problem, our college marketing experts have developed strong connections to numerous places of higher education all across the country. This guarantees your brand a foot in the door when it comes to special events, brand-awareness programs, and product launches.

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