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Need a higher education marketing agency that helps you appeal to new students, increase enrollments, and grow revenue?

The competition within today’s higher education industry is fierce. Your competitors want to lure your prospective students away from you, but we won’t let them. We give you the tools and strategies you need to successfully appeal to and draw in the most promising generation of students yet.

Few higher education marketing agencies look at universities and colleges the way we do. At Rise, we see the broad picture: Your institution has to build long-term relationships with your students, focused on the entire journey from enrollment to retention to alumni relations. Understanding this is crucial to growing your admissions and building your reputation.

Why Rise Is the Leader in Higher Education Marketing

Keen Insight Into Your Students

Today’s students are the most tech-savvy yet. They are at home researching schools online and talking about it with their peers on social media. Understanding how to leverage this makes all the difference in getting their attention. Our higher education marketing experts go where your prospective students are, creating paid-advertising campaigns and putting high-value content in front of them on social to persuade them to choose your institution.

Data-Driven Approach

Your goals include getting more high-quality enrollments, strengthening your yield rate, and improving class shaping. All this helps you build your institution’s credibility, which has a positive impact on future admissions and revenue. Mindful of this, our higher education marketing professionals generate more leads for you by breaking down student data and identifying the relevant audiences.

We Don’t Neglect Your Alumni

Too often, higher education marketing is focused on just getting more students in the door, which is a mistake. At Rise, we know that ensuring long-term relationships with your alumni leads to greater donations, more word-of-mouth referrals, and, ultimately, a continuous stream of new admissions. Our higher education marketing specialists make alumni engagement a priority.

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