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In need of an education marketing agency that highlights your institution’s strengths and sets it apart from its competitors?

The education industry has changed significantly with the advent of the web. Now more than ever, students and their parents can quickly determine whether an educator or school is right for them. Don’t let this opportunity for greater visibility and lead generation slip you by. Harness the web’s power to tell students why they should choose you.

You need to drive awareness of your institution by going where students spend their time today: social media, search engines, websites, apps, and email. The traditional way of marketing your school—word of mouth and referrals from alumni—is no longer enough in today’s interconnected environment. Institutions that understand this key fact will increase enrollment and donations.

Why Rise Is a Premier Education Marketing Agency

It’s All About You

Your school isn’t just competing with brick-and-mortar locations in your community. Online learning portals are also vying for your students, too, which represents enrollment and revenue that you just can’t afford to lose. At Rise, our education-marketing professionals point out what makes you different than any other institution—to stress your unique value proposition.

Digital Marketing Prowess

The majority of your leads in the form of new students should come from the Internet. Our education-marketing specialists use search marketing (PPC), SEO, social-media curation, video and email marketing to make students aware of your educational brand. That’s only the first step. We then drive them down your conversion funnel to get them to enroll.

Target Messaging

To resonate with prospective students and increase admission, your messaging has to connect with the right audience in a meaningful way. That involves crystal-clear communication, understanding your target audience, and skillful copywriting. Our education-marketing experts work hard to research your audience and craft persuasive messages that make an impact and increase your enrollments.

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Education marketing is a necessity if you want to make your institution the choice of students and parents. Reach out to us to get an idea of how we raise admissions, drive enrollment, and increase revenue.

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