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Data drives marketing in the digital age. Marketers collect massive amounts of consumer and behavioral data. To harness the power of this data, they must analyze and interpret it correctly.

Enter artificial intelligence, which provides marketers with convenient access to consumer and behavioral insights. Marketers can use AI to make more informed decisions than ever before.

Now, let’s look at AI for marketers and how you can use it to make more informed decisions.

AI for Marketers: Here’s What You Need to Know

Marketers can use AI to automate decision-making based on internal and external data. Internal data consists of facts and figures that marketers discover through their operations. Meanwhile, external data includes trends marketers gather from customer surveys and third-party sources.

By evaluating internal data, marketers can find roadblocks that limit their ability to get the most out of their resources. Marketers can analyze the data to understand operational issues and resolve them in their early stages. Then, they can limit the risk of operational errors. Plus, they can save time and money.

On the other hand, marketers can examine external data to determine how customers feel about a brand, its products, and its services. Marketers can also look for trends within customer datasets. They can use this information to develop data-driven marketing campaigns.

Alongside using AI to analyze internal and external data, marketers can leverage business intelligence (BI) to generate insights from this information.

BI lets marketers transform data into reports, dashboards, and analytics. It can also provide a great complement to AI.

Together, BI and AI can help marketers quickly and easily produce insights from data. Marketers can analyze these insights to find ways to bolster their operations. In addition, marketers can use the insights to revamp their marketing strategies.

How to Use AI to Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

Marketers should not wait any longer to integrate AI into their daily operations. The sooner marketers use AI, the better equipped they’ll be to make informed decisions. Over time, these decisions can drive revenue and sales growth. They can help marketers distinguish their brands from industry rivals and foster customer loyalty.

It won’t take long to get started with AI for marketing. Here are three tips to help your business integrate AI into its marketing operations.

1. Make a Plan

Determining how your business can use AI will require meticulous planning. Look at your current marketing strategy and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Also, consider your marketing budget and time frame for implementing AI tools. You can then establish goals for integrating AI into your marketing operations.

Make sure your goals for using AI align with your business objectives. Do not expect instant results from using AI, either. Instead, your business should identify AI tools that can be integrated over several weeks or months. The tools can be deployed gradually, and you can track their results to minimize the risk of errors.

Revamp your plan as needed. If you encounter issues along the way, find out why they’re happening. You can take appropriate steps to resolve such problems and prevent them from recurring.

2. Use AI with a Wide Range of Data

Collect data from myriad sources and use AI to analyze it. Key data sources include:

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Sales figures
  • Customer surveys

Create metrics for tracking data. For instance, your business can use AI to perform keyword research and competitor analysis across its website.

This helps you generate insights to improve your SEO strategy. Or, your business can leverage AI as part of A/B testing with marketing emails. In doing so, your business can find the best ways to personalize emails and drive reader engagement moving forward.

3. Remain Persistent

Make AI a marketing priority. Keep an eye out for AI technologies to help your business collect and analyze data quickly and precisely. These technologies can provide your business with ongoing customer and behavioral insights. Your business can use these insights to enhance its marketing operations and stand out from its competitors.

Experiment with AI technologies to discover new ways to use them. To date, marketers have found unique ways to leverage AI, including:

  • Content-creation chatbots
  • Intelligent email content curation
  • Smart customer engagement
  • AI-based pay-per-click advertising
  • Personalized website experiences

Review customer and behavioral insights regularly. Marketers can examine these reports with leaders across your business. They can explore ways to optimize your business’ marketing operations.

Start Using AI to Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

Use AI for marketing — and your business can reap the benefits of its decision for years to come.

Expect AI for marketing to continue to evolve. As it does, marketers must keep pace. Using AI, your company can speed up and simplify its marketing operations. Most importantly, your business will be well-equipped to make more informed marketing decisions now and in the future.

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