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Looking for a beauty marketing agency that understands better than anyone else how today’s cosmetics customers make their purchases?

The face of the entire beauty industry has undergone a drastic overhaul in the last few years. Thanks to the Internet, social media, and video content, the entire buyer’s journey has changed to include numerous brand touchpoints. Gone are the days of simply seeing ads in magazines or TV and then going into the nearest cosmetics store to make a purchase.

For beauty brands to be successful these days, they have to reach their customers well before they ever set foot into any brick-and-mortar location. You have to connect with your customers more intimately than through any impersonal magazine or TV ad. Think of the entire web as the virtual stand-in for an in-store shopping experience. At Rise, we enable you to reach your customers long before they ever set foot into a store.

Why Rise Is a High-Quality Beauty Marketing Agency

Figuring Out Your Target Audience

Not all cosmetics customers are the same. Some care more about a product’s ingredients while others put a bigger emphasis on how a product makes them look. To fully understand to whom your products appeal the most, you need solid data on which to make your marketing decisions. Our beauty marketing consultants hold focus groups, conduct surveys, and ask the right questions to get to the bottom of what your customers really want.

Brand Development

Brand development is key to connecting with your target audience. Now that you know exactly who they are, our team gets to work in identifying and communicating what your products stand for. We set your brand apart from all of your competitors to show your audience that you offer them something so unique, which they can’t get anywhere else.

Content Creation

When it comes to beauty marketing, content is a huge driver of leads and sales. That’s because today’s beauty purchaser looks online for the hottest beauty tips and newest products. To answer this need, our team designs and develops your website with educational content about your beauty products, curates social channels to target your customers where they spend their time, and partners with influencers to reach more people.

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