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Looking for a retail marketing agency that makes your customers take notice of you in a crowded marketplace?

The thing with retail is that it’s chaotic. There are so many brands in your own space aggressively competing with one another to get the attention and loyalty of the same demographics. Amid all that intense competition, you need an agency to make your retail brand stand out above and beyond all the rest in your industry.

With so many others vying for your target audience’s business, you have to get creative and resourceful in how you reach them. That means doing everything from digital and traditional to generating great word-of-mouth…and everything in between. That’s what sets apart Rise from other agencies: We understand the state of retail better than anyone else and get you measurable results like increased sales and ROI.

Why Rise Is a First-Rate Retail Marketing Agency

Understanding Who Your Customers Really Are

The key to getting more traffic to your website and foot traffic through your brick-and-mortar stores is establishing an intimate understanding of who your target demographic is. Through customer research and buyer personas, our retail marketing specialists determine who wants to buy your products or services the most—and then connects with them through a well-rounded digital-, content- and traditional-marketing strategy.

Getting Branding Right

Effective branding speaks directly to your customers. It tells them that your brand understands their needs and exists to solve their problems. Our retail marketing experts work with you to establish your core brand identity and values, then immortalize them in brand touchpoints like your logo, website and print materials to draw your customers in.

Working on Customer Engagement

The more engaged your customers are, the more you’ll grow your market share, sales and revenue in your industry. Our strategists come up with campaigns to engage your customers across all platforms—whether it’s social, email, the web, print or TV—for quantifiable results. Enjoy a more loyal customer base as a direct outcome.

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