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Looking for an automotive marketing agency that leverages the power of the web to bring you more customers and sales?

The last decade represents a sea change for automotive marketing, thanks to the Internet. Because your reach is now worldwide, your automotive brand or dealership doesn’t have to be a major player to make an impact. The web is the ultimate level playing field that lets you successfully compete by using an array of organic and paid advertising.

Though the majority of car sales is still closed in person, the Internet is instrumental in helping your dealership attract more customers and generate sales. Because of consumer behavior that uses the web for pre-purchase research, there’s a golden opportunity to redirect this traffic to your website and get more paying customers through your front doors. We’re here to make sure this happens.

Why Rise Is a Preeminent Automotive Marketing Agency

Paid Ads and SEO to Bring Traffic

Paid ads are designed to show up at relevant moments during customer research for a vehicle, highlighting your dealership as the resource of information for their buyer’s journey. Since car buyers start by searching for information on a vehicle’s model and make, paid ads work to establish your dealership as the authoritative solution to their problem. Simultaneously, SEO surfaces your website to potential buyers as the premier authority for specific keyword queries they have. Together, both techniques drive traffic to your site and foot traffic to your dealership.

Web Design to Receive Leads

When paid ads and SEO bring in more traffic to your website, you must have a user-friendly website with amazing UX to allow these leads to quickly and easily find exactly what vehicle they’re looking for. Our expert web designers build you a clean and navigable website to convert people researching their new vehicle into paying customers who’ll set foot into your dealership.

Retargeting to Re-engage Leads

Sometimes, leads to your website can bounce, but we don’t want to let them get away. Through specific ads, retargeting campaigns put your dealership’s name in front of people who expressed serious interest in vehicles on your website. The results are higher conversions on your site and more people getting into your dealership.

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Automotive marketing campaigns get more people into your dealership to buy a new car. Reach out to us to learn how to use the web to drive foot traffic to your dealership.

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