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The eCommerce space is growing quickly and expands each year. Many businesses are relying on eCommerce practices to reach online success. One of the most popular eCommerce platforms is called Magento. Adobe owns this platform, and it offers tools that help businesses create their own eCommerce websites. Learning how to fully utilize Magento can be difficult for beginners. Business owners and employees can learn how to use Magento by listening to experts. There are several eCommerce experts that focus on teaching their audience about Magento and other eCommerce topics. Here are 8 Magento and eCommerce podcasts you need to check out so you can familiarize yourself with the platform.

1. The JetRails Podcast

Solution specialist Robert Rand hosts the JetRails Podcast. He is certified in both Magento 1 and Magento 2. He initially focused on Magento-based content with his podcast, but now has expanded to other topics within the eCommerce community. This podcast is curated for all types of digital marketers. Robert features a guest host each episode to assist him with explaining the topic at hand. The JetRails Podcast allows listeners to stay up to date on current eCommerce news, trends, and strategies. Robert has published 90 podcast episodes over the course of three years. The episodes are described as on-demand master classes for eCommerce newbies, being high quality and heavily detailed.

2. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast features the stories of several successful eCommerce businesses. It is hosted by Steve Chou, a successful eCommerce master who runs two 7-figure businesses. “The whole gist of the podcast and why it got its name is because the guests featured all quit their previous jobs to pursue eCommerce work. Steve Chou interviews his guests and gains insight into how these individuals were able to reach their goals and make an entire career through their online business,” says Paul Remson, a tech writer at Paperfellows and OXEssays. Steve doesn’t refrain from gathering all the details so he can inspire listeners to attempt starting an eCommerce business themselves.

3. Gain Freedom Through Entrepreneurship Podcast

The Gain Freedom Through Entrepreneurship Podcast is targeted toward store owners wanting to elevate their online sales. Host of the podcast, Anton Kraly, covers beginner eCommerce topics such as website operations, how to heighten income, and tips on staying consistent with your brand’s niche. Anton wants to help stores and businesses avoid the fear of failing and struggling to make ends meet. His goal is to help companies gain freedom through eCommerce practices.

4. The eCommerce Playbook Podcast

The eCommerce Playbook Podcast covers platform-building programs including, Magento. Joe Mcferrin is the host of eCommerce Playbook and creates episodes for all levels of listeners. Whether you are running an eCommerce business alone or with fellow individuals, Joe’s knowledge is useful for all eCommerce workers. This podcast features Magento-specific information along with other relevant eCommerce news, technology, and tips. The eCommerce Playbook Podcast is beneficiall if you want to learn how to improve your marketing approaches to the eCommerce business overall.

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5. MageTalk

The MageTalk podcast heavily focuses on discussing Adobe’s eCommerce platform Magento. Kalen Jordan and Phillip Jackson host this podcast. They are both well-versed in Magento and help newbies become acquainted with the eCommerce software. If you want to learn about Magento alone rather than a mix of eCommerce topics, the MageTalk Podcast is probably the best fit for you. Reviewers claim they now understand Magento after listening to the podcast, so it’s a reliable source. MageTalk posts weekly episodes on Magento news and features.

6. The End-to-End eCommerce Playbook

The End-to-End eCommerce Playbook is a podcast that includes episodes on a range of eCommerce platforms and resources like Magento. It is hosted and sponsored by Magnus software. Speakers from Magnus share their expertise on eCommerce and related platforms. “Magnus covers all eCommerce-related information from beginner level knowledge to expert level knowledge. The End-to-End eCommerce Playbook shows online business owners how they can change their business through eCommerce practices,” explains Katherine Orlando, a developer at Stateofwriting and UKWritings. The podcast features guest hosts and promotes the benefits of modern business innovation.

7. eCommerce Fuel Podcast

The eCommerceFuel Podcast provides listeners with detailed information on eCommerce. It is hosted by Andrew Youderian, an eCommerce entrepreneur. Each week Andrew connects with a fellow expert on the eCommerceFuel Podcast. Episode topics typically include ways to grow your business, how to raise profits, and mistakes to avoid. Andrew has done a few episodes on managing a busy life and still making time to complete your eCommerce work. He also has a free 55-page beginner eCommerce guide if you want to get more insight from him. The eCommerceFuel Podcast is great for beginners wanting to reach a wider online audience and grow their eCommerce business.

8. Future Commerce Podcast

Both Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange host the Future Commerce Podcast.. They frequently discuss eCommerce basics, DTC, and retail strategies. This podcast was created for those who want to dive into the deeper side of modern eCommerce. In order to do this, Phillip and Brian address the impact eCommerce has and will have on our future. This includes effects on business, society, the media, and individuals. The two also explore the meaning of buying and selling products via the internet and how to understand the implications of eCommerce.

Importance of eCommerce Resources

Online shopping and the virtual business world are more prevalent than ever. In order for brands and businesses to thrive in this highly competitive market, diving into eCommerce is crucial. These eight eCommerce podcasts focus on a multitude of online business-related topics. While not all podcasts are about Magento alone, they still give basic information that will help beginners start their own eCommerce business. Each podcast has a special twist on how they handle this heavy and complex topic, so there is at least one option suitable to your needs. This is why it’s essential to have eCommerce resources like these informative podcasts available to individuals worldwide.

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