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Seeking a crowdfunding marketing agency that knows how to leverage people power to take your product from obscurity to success?

Don’t settle for less when you’re looking to market your next great idea. On the web, there are many who claim that they can successfully crowdfund for you. Few are on par with Rise when it comes to the sheer experience of raising money and bringing awareness to our clients.

At Rise, we don’t care about fancy metrics to conceal disappointing performance. We only care about what you care about: How much money you raised through our campaign versus how much money you gave us to start. We’re always accountable to you, and we get you results, period.

Why Rise Is an In-Demand Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

Complete Dedication to You

If you believe in your product 100%, then so do we. We want you to succeed as badly as you do. In that effort, our crowdfunding marketing managers take the reins from start to finish, guiding you on back-end coding and performance metrics to advertising and PR. It’s only when your product makes it to retail that we relax.

We Drive Humongous Traffic

The more people know about your product, the faster you’ll meet and exceed your fundraising goals. On the web, that’s represented in driving massive traffic to your crowdfunding page, so they can turn into full-fledged backers. Take comfort in knowing that our crowdfunding marketing specialists have your back, creating relevant awareness for you like no one else can.

Post-Funding Strategy

What sets us apart from other crowdfunding marketing agencies is our focus on what happens to you after you exceed your fundraising goals. That’s where the action really begins. Instead of only guiding you through production, we empower you to take the next steps with your product, including a go-to-market plan, retail-sales channel development, and ecommerce marketing and ongoing management.

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Successful crowdfunding is about much more than only production—it needs a comprehensive retail strategy. Contact us to learn how we help entrepreneurs go from idea to production to retail success.

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