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Searching for a non-profit marketing agency to build your donor base and get you more supporters and advocates than ever before?

Non-profits do best when their supporters are active and engaged, driven to help your organization achieve its great causes. The more passionate your supporters are, the better your non-profit does. We believe in accelerating your organization’s reach and influence, so you can continue to make the world a much better place.

With the combined expertise of our team of marketers, branding experts, and designers, your non-profit gets the value it deserves. We work overtime to help you make a bigger impact in your mission. Our specialists become part of your team, putting the collective knowledge base of our entire operation behind your great causes.

Why Rise Is the Best Choice for Your Social Good

Supporter-Based Marketing

We rally your supporters at every stage of your campaigns, whether those are fundraising drives, online-petition signups, or community-building initiatives. At Rise, we firmly believe in generating awareness at the right times, energizing your target audience when it counts the most. The end result is more passionate supporters and successful organization goals.

Recruiting People to Join Your Cause

Non-profits operate a bit differently than businesses because they need more people to join their cause and lend support. Our outreach specialists do everything from recruiting new people to join your organization’s online communities to small and progressively bigger asks to activate your supporters and drive your ambitious goals.

Media Engagement

The work you do is for the greater good. More people need to hear about it so that not only positive change happens, but so you receive better press coverage, which in turn produces more donations and volunteers. Our media team harnesses our media relationships to generate favorable coverage for your organization, so you can change the world, one story at a time.

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Smart marketing is vital to growing your non-profit, so you get more donations, supporters and influence. Talk to us to find out how we can create a bigger impact for your organization.

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