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Want a franchise marketing agency that helps each of your local offices stand out from all the rest in the country?

Franchise marketing is a different beast than any other form of marketing. That’s why you need a franchise marketing agency like Rise: We understand that your brand exists in many, different spots all over the country and even the world. We empower every single one of your franchise offices to build up their own reputation as a unique leader in their communities.

Being a franchise comes with both pros and cons. Though you have instant brand recognition, that’s a challenge in its own right. How can your franchisees around the nation distinguish themselves from each other? How can they ensure that their marketing campaigns don’t accidentally help other franchisees close to them? We offer solutions to these and all the other common franchise marketing problems.

Why Rise Is the Top Franchise Marketing Agency

Franchise-Centric Marketing Assets

To build your brand at each of your local offices, you need the best that digital, inbound and print marketing have to offer. From a dedicated corporate website and social media presence to print materials like brochures and business cards, our franchise marketing specialists have you in good hands. At Rise, we don’t rest until your franchisees become well-known in their communities.

Local-Market Targeting

It won’t help your local franchises if the leads they get are from halfway across the country. They need to ensure that all of their marketing efforts are directed to leads within their specific regions. That’s where our expertise comes into play. Our marketing experts create buyer personas relevant to each of your local franchisees and then target them with hyper-specific campaigns.

Grow Sales

It all comes down to one thing: sales and more of them. To expand, your franchisees need to sell. At Rise, we support your growth efforts by providing a suite of solutions dedicated to making franchisees’ local customers more aware of their brand than ever before. This include PPC, local listings, online reputation management, social media curation, and much more.

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Franchise marketing is a specialized form of marketing that needs the right management. Ask us how we can grow awareness and sales for your franchise.

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