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The What

What is the Website Assessment Tool?

Our Website Assessment Tool uses proprietary technology to analyze your website’s performance, scoring your SEO, usability, marketing and security...all in under two minutes!

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The How

How can this tool help strengthen your website?

The Website Assessment Tool generates a comprehensive report that contains information about your website's strengths and weaknesses. This report has detailed information that will help your in-house team or digital marketing agency improve your website’s performance. Don’t have an agency or in-house team? Contact Rise to learn how we can help!

The Why

Why is checking your website periodically with something like the Website Assessment Tool important?

Between a constantly evolving digital landscape and changing consumer behavior, it’s crucial to keep a pulse on your website’s performance. Digital marketing efforts or the user experience you’ve been using for a year or two could be outdated and not performing as well as they once did. Use our tool to see how your website is doing!

The Process

Fill out our form

Fill out the simple form to the right and click “Run Review”. In less than two minutes, you will receive a report scoring your website on SEO, security, performance, usability and marketing--all critical components to a high-performing website. We will share detailed insights for each section, highlighting specific areas that need improvement. These results will also be emailed to you as a report.

Review the results

Take some time to read through the results in the report to understand where you are doing a good job and where there is room for improvement. We understand that some sections are technical, so feel free to reach out to us to better understand the results and identify solutions. You can contact Rise by filling out our form or calling 215-607-6400.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

Whether you want us to walk you through your results and answer questions, or better understand the types of web development services Rise offers, we are here to help. This is a no obligation consultation to ensure you understand the areas you could improve on your website and how.

Who we are.

We’re results-oriented professionals who get up every day with one goal in mind: to help you build the best brand in the world. When it comes to growing your company, no job is too small, nor any challenge too big, for us to handle.

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