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The application process for our annual Rise STEM Scholarship is now closed, and we’ve chosen this year’s round of winners.

We decided to hold an annual scholarship to support hard-working students in achieving their ambitious goals for a better career and future. Through the Rise STEM Scholarship, the winning student receives $1,000 toward his or her degree. We also award $250 book scholarships to each of the two runners-up.

We were blown away by receiving a total of 1,037 applicants this year. Many of these applicants provided inspiring stories about themselves and their future goals, but there were a few that stood out.

Without further ado, we present you our 2023 winners.

The Winner

London Horne

London is currently pursuing his degree in Nursing at Florida State College at Jacksonville while also enrolled in high school. London plans to travel the world after graduation and has a passion for helping others. While completing a rigorous dual enrollment program, London has volunteered for multiple organizations including, Children’s Episcopal Rhoda Martian Center, Literacy Alliance of Northeast Florida, and Habitat for Humanities. London plans to continue volunteering after graduation to continue their life mission of helping people and continuing to grow personally and professionally.


David Luo

David is pursuing Engineering at Texas A&M. David was a teacher at Houston Dragon Academy where he taught Math & English to over one hundred middle-schoolers. He has also volunteered at VA hospitals, assisting veterans with activities of daily living. He would like to specialize his degree in Biomedical Engineering in order to design & produce products that will improve lives.

Talia Benducci

Talia is a fiercely independent feminist with a can-do attitude. Currently pursuing a degree in biochemical engineering at the University of Southern California, she holds the title of QuestBridge Scholar. Her long time love of STEM was cultivated early on, and she desires to use her talent to help those around her by pursuing pharmaceuticals and drug development.

Thanks to our applicants

We’d like to personally thank each of the 1,037 students that applied for our scholarship this year. It’s been refreshing to hear about how each of you plans to contribute to a brighter future for us all. We believe that with your continued efforts, you can achieve everything you want in life.

Kahl Orr
Founder, Rise

Kahl is an entrepreneur, web developer, and the founder of Rise, a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design. Rise builds high-performing, custom websites and apps for some of the fastest-growing national brands.

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