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The application process for our annual Rise STEM Scholarship is now closed, and we’ve chosen this year’s round of winners.

We decided to hold an annual scholarship to support hard-working students in achieving their ambitious goals for a better career and future. Through the Rise STEM Scholarship, the winning student receives $1,000 toward his or her degree. We also award $250 book scholarships to each of the two runners-up.

We were blown away by receiving a total of 464 applicants this year. Many of these applicants provided inspiring stories about themselves and their future goals, but there were a few that stood out.

Without further ado, we present you our 2021 winners.

The Winner

Paige Wisner

Paige is a freshman Biology student at Indiana University. She’s an active member of her school’s Biology Club, Student Activities Board, Pre-Professional Studies Club, Student Alumni Association, Pre-Dental Club and Biology Peer Mentor Group. Paige plans to to continue studying Biology and eventually pursue a career in dentistry. We hope our scholarship award will help Paige accomplish her dreams.


Abigail Penfield

Abigail is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Missouri who desires to be on the forefront of something new. She believes that Engineers are the problem solvers of the world, and her goal is to contribute to sustainable, equitable solutions that don’t leave anyone behind. Eventually, she’d like to become an astronaut. We wish her the best of luck on her academic journey.

Mikaela Sanchez

Mikaela is majoring in Biosystems Analytics & Technology at the University of Arizona. During the pandemic, she had a lot of time to reflect on what matters most, and realized she is passionate about building a clean and sustainable future for generations to come. She plans to identify ways we can prevent further damaging the environment and reverse the damage that has already been done. We hope she will realize her ambitious goals.

Thanks to our applicants

We’d like to personally thank each of the 464 students that applied for our scholarship this year. It’s been refreshing to hear about how each of you plans to contribute to a brighter future for us all. We believe that with your continued efforts, you can achieve everything you want in life.

Apply for 2022

Although our 2021 scholarship program has been concluded, the Rise STEM Scholarship is held annually. We encourage all students to apply for 2022 here.

Kahl Orr
Founder, Rise

Kahl is an entrepreneur, web developer, and the founder of Rise, a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design. Rise builds high-performing, custom websites and apps for some of the fastest-growing national brands.

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