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Looking for an entertainment marketing agency that uses the power of pop culture to put your brand in the spotlight of your target audience?

Your customers are heavily influenced by what they see and hear in the world of entertainment. What people and events in the entertainment industry promote and do is copied by people all around the globe. With one endorsement, pitch or mention by an influential personality, brands can be established in a split second. That’s the power of entertainment marketing.

Your brand, product or service can benefit greatly from being put in front of the right audience, by the right person. In today’s web-powered world, news travels fast. All it takes is a sponsorship, celebrity event, special appearance, or product placement for you to experience increased engagement, sales, revenue and ROI.

Why Rise Is a Renowned Entertainment Marketing Agency

Deep Connections

In entertainment marketing, it’s all about connections. Who you can get to your event, what influencer is available to use your product, or what sponsors are lining up to work with you. At Rise, our entertainment marketing veterans dig deep into their rosters to connect you with a who’s who of today’s most influential personalities and brands.


Studies show that people remember stories better because it’s in our cultural DNA. Think of the best entertainment you’ve ever experienced: It told a great story that left you captivated. Likewise, to be successful, your brand marketing has to use storytelling to be so engrossing as to increase consumer awareness, recall and engagement. Our branding experts make this happen.

One-of-a-kind Experiences

For your brand to resonate with your target demographic, it has to provide memorable experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Our entertainment marketing professionals produce entertainment concepts that seamlessly tie in with the essence of your product or service. As a result, your brand enjoys a more engaged audience, which leads to more sales.

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By infusing your brand, product or service with an entertaining experience, you make your customers take notice. Contact us to see how entertainment can powerfully market your brand.

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